Are you successfully leveraging email marketing for your restaurant brand? You could be doing it better.

While marketers and branding gurus argue over which new social media is making waves, and what guerrilla tactic gets the most traction, one method of marketing continues to perform better than them all: Email Marketing. Yet, this seemingly simple media is often shunned as archaic and dated. The numbers seem to disagree. Email marketing is low cost, high return effort when done properly.

Stop Blasting My Mama is the only step-by-step how-to guide book for restaurateurs, restaurant owners, and marketing professionals in charge of restaurant brand marketing. By approaching the ins and outs of why email marketing works, how to set up a system of success, and give the guidelines on planning marketing content appropriately, Stop Blasting My Mama helps even the novice marketer harness the power that email marketing holds.


What you'll find inside...

This book will do everything short of email marketing for you. It will guide you through the steps it takes to set up a system and strategy. It will give you ideas on engaging content that gets read. It may even help you romance that special someone with the amazing amount of intellect you'll garner from its contents. No guarantees, but there's nothing sexier than a knowledgeable person.

Here's what else you'll find in the pages of Stop Blasting My Mama:

  • A step-by-step how-to on setting up a new email marketing system
  • Tips and tricks for creating compelling, engaging content that customers will crave
  • Advice and ideas from industry experts like Nick Shepherd (President of TGI FRIDAYS), Amy Brown (OGILVY), Thomas Gensemer (Chief Strategy Officer at BURSON MARSTELLAR) and Chris Campagna (Director of Marketing for FRESH TO ORDER)
  • A complimentary email marketing strategy workbook to help you get started
  • Inspirational gallery of email marketing designs using best practices



Here is what some important people are saying...

 How does a marketer best use this very personal and powerful medium to connect with us?  How do they get through the barricades and deliver us value?  Joseph has set out a straight forward guide intended for the new or uninitiated, however, I would encourage even the super user of email marketing to take a look.

– Shenan Reed, VP of Digital Strategy for MEC Global

This book is illuminating in every sense.. Covering everything from establishing the right mindset through creating goals to the nitty-gritty of how-to execute it technically... An true eye-opener that takes the prevailing modern marketing premises and forms them into tangible, actionable, concrete items in the email marketing world. A must-read for any business owner.

– Michael Gurevich, Owner & Schnitzel Master at Seven Hens

Joseph Szala

Restaurant Brand Strategist / Creative

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Meet Joseph Szala, a multitalented brand builder and creative designer at Vigor a restaurant branding firm, and the Atlanta office of iris worldwide.  With a broad set of skills rooted in design and brand leadership, Joseph brings a powerful blend of award-winning creative, strategy expertise, and an unyielding passion for realizing the potential of restaurant brands large and small.

During stints at a handful of agencies in the New York City and Pennsylvania markets, he gained industry experience that fueled the desire to establish his own firm, Vigor, in 2003. Joseph built Vigor into a highly regarded restaurant branding powerhouse over the course of 10 years. During that time, it was his mission and primary focus to codify his own proprietary branding process for the restaurant industry. That process, lovingly named Unite Rebel™ Methodology, has since been leveraged to create new, innovative restaurant brand concepts from Honolulu to Boston, Miami to Seattle.

2010 saw the publication of his first book, Fire It Up: Building Restaurant Brands That Blaze. Joseph authored and curated the book in response to the need for a no-nonsense approach to developing restaurant brands. The book has been integral in helping clients and designers better understand the ins and outs of developing restaurant brands.

In 2013, Joseph accepted a new post at iris Worldwide. iris’s unique approach to destroying ordinary with creative innovation made for a natural next step in his career as a brand leader and designer. At iris he continues to establish himself as a subject matter expert in the field of restaurant branding and marketing. He has written articles on those topics for Advertising Age, QSR Magazine, FSR Magazine, Restaurant Hospitality, Branding Magazine, LinkedIn, Intuit and various others.

Joseph’s work has been recognized by respected industry magazines such as Communication Arts, and has been published in multiple books on design excellence. He has spoken on the subject of branding and has been quoted throughout articles found on,, Huffington Post, SmartBlogs, CentralPenn Business Journal and various other publications. He served as Adjunct Professor of design at Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania and studied at Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts in York, Pennsylvania.