Email Marketing Resources

There are so many email marketing services and companies who help accelerate the power of your email marketing initiatives. I've taken the opportunity to list the ones that I have found useful, or have shown an understanding of best practices and success. Note: I by no means endorse these companies, nor can I guarantee their pricing, functionality, system up times, or other features out of my control.


Mailchimp is an excellent Email Service Provider (ESP) with a system that's widely used and easy to figure out. I, personally, use Mailchimp religiously.


Litmus is and email testing, rendering and analytics service that takes your email marketing optimization to the next level.


Hubspot is an amazing inbound marketing and sales system with a website that is chock full of information, free guides, ideas, and a lot of other content that will help you with not just email marketing, but all your digital marketing.


Emma is an excellent email marketing service provider with a robust system and many options depending on your restaurant's needs. What's interesting about emma is their niche services for franchise businesses. Read more about it here.

Get Response

Although I've never really tried Get Response I have heard some good things about the system and its usability. Get Response is another ESP (Email Marketing Service Provider) that's easy to start using today.